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Client File 

Every month on the 15th you will receive a mock client file, that will be complete with all the information that you might need to design your mock couple’s Wedding Cake. You might get pictures of the wedding dress, her flowers, thoughts from the planner and links to the venue. You will hear about your couple's preferences and inspirations. You might get some copies of the emails that one of the parents has sent over.  Although the characters will be fictitious, the files will be inspired by some of the most interesting projects and clients that have come through Madison Lee’s Cakes. 

Secret Recipe

Every month you will receive a secret recipe from Chef Madison Lee so that you can focus on the part of making a wedding cake so many people seem to overlook. Sugar flowers and Wedding Cakes can be stunning to see, but they must also test amazing! With this recipe you will be able to bake a great tasting wedding cake once a month - this should help!

Baking Demo 

Okay so you have the recipe, but wouldn’t it be helpful if you got to SEE the method too??? Your Private Cake Club membership also includes a live online demo that you can watch from your smartphone, laptop, computer, or Smart TV.  And when it's over you can replay that video forever just in case you miss the LIVE. 

Design Demo 

One of the easiest ways to justify raising your prices is to be able to increase your value. This monthly six-hour demo will give you the skills to become a more valuable competitor in your market. With a little practice, you can add all of these new design techniques to your tool belt!  

Private Instagram Group

You are only as good as the people that you surround yourself with and strength is in numbers. You would be surprised what you can learn from your peers!


Membership to Private Cake Club is $17.95 per month or $100 a year. 

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